Thursday, January 8, 2015

YouTube Treasures: Baxter's Marathon

Baxter does this for hours at a time. The irony that the Twilight Zone's New Year's Eve marathon is playing in the background does not escape me.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

YouTube Treasures: Chase the Morning

So, I finally got around to watching "Repo! The Genetic Opera" last night (yes, I know it was released in 2008). To be honest, it took about 15 to 20 minutes for me to actually get into it. That was probably about the time Anthony Stewart Head showed up. The scene below totally blew me away... loved the whole holographic-eye-projection-thing going on.

Monday, November 24, 2014

YouTube Treasures: Chorus That Sounds Like Rain

This is one of my all-time favorite videos on YouTube. I have always loved thunderstorms (and the rain, in general). My mother has not. In fact, I remember many a night when she would sit in a dark kitchen with nothing but a flashlight and a cross made of this year's Easter palms floating in a flat bowl of water... waiting for the storm to pass us by.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

LEGO: Scarecrow

“Let me know if you see any birds around here!”

The Scarecrow takes his duty of keeping birds out of the farmer’s cornfield very seriously, and he tries his hardest to frighten them off whenever he sees one fly near. He thinks he’s the spookiest thing around, since no one has ever told him that with his smiling face and button eyes, he actually doesn't look all that scary.

Although he can’t tell through his straw-stuffed noggin, the Scarecrow’s wide-brimmed old hat has become a favorite perch for a local crow. It always politely waits until he’s not looking before it swoops down to nab a snack, so as far as he can tell, he’s doing a perfect job!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

YouTube Treasures: New York's Village Halloween Parade 2014

Happy Halloween, kittens. I hope everyone had a fabulously spooktastic and safe Halloween. Brighton and I were finally able to make it to the New York's Village Halloween Parade this year after a two year absence (one due to Hurricane Sandy and the other our wedding). We had a nice, small anniversary dinner at a wonderful little dive we discovered "off the beaten path" down by Wall St., and then made our way uptown to around 9th St.

Our evening was not peacefully "uneventful", unfortunately. I've always said that New York has the best "crazies" anywhere in the world, and I was proven right. As our (my) luck would have it, Mr. Crazy #712 was right in front us sitting on a crate, drunk off of his ass... and the parade was still almost an hour away from even starting. He almost fell back onto us twice, cursed at the couples to each side of him, and then started touching the woman's arm next to him before getting into "discussion" about it with her man. The NYPD finally removed him, but Brighton got shoved in the process, and I got hit the knee by the crate and clocked on the side of the head by either the guy's head or elbow. On the positive side, however, we got his spot and a much better view.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

"I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago." ~ Pam

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort, more commonly known as Pam, is a major character on the HBO original series True Blood. The vampire co-owner of Fangtasia, a vampire nightclub in Shreveport, Louisiana, Pam is played by starring cast member Kristin Bauer van Straten and debuts in the episode "Escape from Dragon House" on the series' first season. A recurring character through the series' first and second seasons, Pam becomes a prominent character on the series' third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons.

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort (portrayed by Kristen Bauer van Straten)
As a human, Pam ran the Comstock Brothel in San Francisco. In 1905, she met Eric Northman and begged him to turn her into a vampire out of desperation. After a century together, Pam is fiercely loyal to her maker, and despite her relative youth as a vampire acts as his second in command in his duties as vampire sheriff of LA: Area 5. Along with Longshadow, and later Chow, she is one of Northman's business partners at Fangtasia. As of 2008, she is the beneficiary of Northman's will, should he ever meet the true death. In 2009, Pam became the maker of Tara Thornton, ensuring the continuation of Godric's vampire bloodline. Shortly afterwards, Eric released Pam from his dominion over her as her maker, in an effort to protect her from the Vampire Authority.

Pam is extremely loyal toward Eric, and acts as his second in command. She is often blunt when explaining things or dealing with most people, regardless of their species. She has a very morbid sense of humor, with a sweet yet highly lethal charm. She can also be very cold and uncaring when dealing with people and seems apathetic to the concerns of others.

Eric has described her as lazy and disobedient, though she is efficient enough to finish all of her required work. Pam strongly dislikes children and appears to be much more sexually interested in women than men (with Eric being the exception), although she doesn't easily make friends with either sex. Pam believes that vampires are superior to their human counterparts.

Pam is also known for being very much a "smart-ass", and is often sarcastic and witty. She is exceptionally cunning, a trait she was shown to have even as a human madam. Pam cares a good deal for fashion, and makes sure her clothing is always the latest style. She never much cared for being a maker, and once she becomes one, she finds raising the new vampire difficult. Pam shows great loyalty to those within her vampire family, particularly to her maker Eric and progeny Tara Thornton.

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LEGO: Spooky Girl

Another must have LEGO minifigure for all those who love the kooky and spooky...

Spooky Girl
"Do you want to come play with me?"

The Spooky Girl likes everything that’s creepy, crawly, icky and eerie. She loves having bad dreams and watching scary black-and-white movies. She loves taking long walks through old graveyards, hearing the wind howl at night, and seeing dry leaves fall off of trees. She loves rats and bats and snakes and spiders, and they love her, too.

Because of all that, the Spooky Girl tends to come off as just a little bit…different. People don’t always understand her point of view, or her sense of style, or her habit of suddenly appearing behind them in mirrors when they don’t know she’s in the room. But she can’t help being spooky; it’s just the way she is!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eric Northman

Eric Northman is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons of True Blood. Eric is 6'5" tall, has blond hair and blue eyes, and is played by starring cast member Alexander Skarsgård and debuts in "Escape from Dragon House". Eric was born in Sweden during the Anglo-Saxon period, 900AD. He was turned 930AD, making him over 1,000 years old. Eric is the vampire sheriff of Louisiana Area 5 which encompasses Bon Temps. He owns the vampire bar, Fangtasia, in Shreveport.

Eric is shown to be calculating yet loyal and generally willing to absolve humans that aggravate him, unless they have grievously crossed him. His loyalty as Progeny to his Maker Godric was so strong, that he fell to his knees in tears when Godric decided to end his life by meeting the sun ("I Will Rise Up"). Eric demanded to burn beside him and claimed that he could not live without Godric. The only thing that kept Eric from meeting the sun was Godric's last command as Eric's maker, telling Eric not to stay on the roof with him.

Eric Northman (portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård)
Eric has a great capacity for loyalty and affection, considering vampire nature. He demonstrated this with his progeny Pam ("Fresh Blood") and his growing love and affection for Sookie Stackhouse. When he is reunited with his Vampire sister Nora Gainesborough, they show great affection for one another. Eric claims he would do anything for Nora.

Being a calm and methodical individual, Eric is mostly in control of his emotions. He rarely loses his temper, but has shown a great capacity for violence when pushed. Eric is unconcerned about being viewed as "the bad guy" merely seeing his actions as a means to an end. He is often secretive and can be somewhat of a trickster, but is usually honest and direct.

Eric is confident enough to not think he needs to prove himself. He has a joy of living and a sense of humor uncommon for vampires.

After his memory was erased by Marnie Stonebrook, Eric's personality changes entirely. Losing his memory showed the Eric behind the mask. He is gentle and sweet towards Sookie and is even disturbed by the horrible things he has done when he finds out about them. Upon gaining his memory back he claims he isn't just the old or new Eric, but rather he is both.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jessica Hamby

Jessica Hamby is a major character in the series True Blood. Played by starring cast member Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica first appeared in the series' first season and remained a prominent character through the series' second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. Born in 1991, and turned in 2008, Jessica is a young vampire and the progeny of Bill Compton. She was turned as decreed by the vampire Magister, in reparation for Bill's murder of Longshadow, a fellow vampire.

Jessica was raised in a strict and devout Christian family in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jessica and her younger sister Eden were home schooled by their parents. They where not allowed to go out and only went to Bible study and clarinet lessons. Jessica's father would often beat Jessica with his belt to punish her for any faults in her chores or behavior. Jessica's mother was oblivious to this abuse, which Jessica attributed to her mother's "stupidness". Jessica resented the restrictions of her life dearly and secretly developed a rebellious attitude to her father's dominance.

When she became a vampire, she began to explore different feelings and became more open to the world around her. She proves to be deeply insightful at times while showing her naivety at others. Though she's a teenager physically, she is able to mature and grow. She has dealt with traumas like losing her first love (Hoyt) and her family, as well as the violence specific to her circumstances as a newly turned young vampire.
Jessica Hamby (portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll)
Jessica's religious upbringing still resonates within her. She does not live according to her human parent's standards but when Bill appeared to have become more powerful and shared his dystopian vision regarding many vampire's fate, Jessica among them, she began to pray. Jessica has openly admitted on many occasions that she likes feeding on humans and generally detests True Blood, but she is a supporter of the Mainstreaming cause. Her first uncontrolled attempt to feed on a human resulted in his death, but she takes greater care not to injure the humans she feeds on now. The only other times she has killed while feeding were either in combat (such as one of Russell Edgington's werewolves) or when she lost control around Andy Bellefleur's half-fae daughters due to the scent of their hybrid blood.

Jessica feels remorse for the death of Andy's halfling daughters she caused. Even though she is a young vampire prone to blood lust and drawn to fairy blood, she is not ruthless. Like her maker, she tries hard to hold on to her humanity.

Jessica Hamby as an in-character blog at:

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Steve Newlin

Steven Newlin, generally referred to in short as Steve Newlin, was a recurring character on True Blood. Played by actor Michael McMillian, Steve was a recently turned vampire, and spokesman of the American Vampire League. The son of anti-vampire advocate Theodore Newlin, he initially continued his father's work after the murder of his entire family, causing him to serve as the secondary antagonist of the series' second season. He was a fanatic and a firm believer that vampires were 'ungodly creatures' who knew no 'humanity'. However, after becoming a vampire himself, he seemed to relish his new undead status.

Newlin was first presented as somewhat of a well-spoken man with a friendly disposition that, while a little odd at times, is altogether cheerful. However, as the series progresses, we see that most of this is a front for his hatred for what happened to him and his family. He is shown to be unstable and unhinged beneath his amiable facade. As a vampire, this tendency seems even more pronounced.

Steven Newlin (portrayed by Michael McMillian)
Like virtually all members of the Fellowship of the Sun, Newlin was a Christian zealot who openly demonized vampires. This is difficult to evaluate, as most of the vampires in the show really are fairly evil, while even the "nice" ones like Jessica are guilty of crimes that would earn any human the death sentence. But as most humans don't seem to realize that vampires have no real regard for human law, have their own government, and condone killing, its possible that his opinion is just prejudice. His inflammatory speeches earned him much criticism. After being changed into a vampire himself, his viewpoint changed dramatically. He now relishes in being a vampire and has stated that his faith as a Christian has been strengthened due to his new status. Newlin is also gay and is attracted to Jason Stackhouse and later to Russell Edgington, whose death devastated him. It is obvious, however, that he will sell out anyone when it comes to saving his own skin as he reveals all the vampires secrets from the knowledge he acquired while working for the authority to the vampire death camp run by Truman Burrell and his ex wife Sarah Newlin.

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