Thursday, January 21, 2016

Starlight Aquarius: January 21 ~ February 19

Aquarians possess powerful, magnetic personalities. Whether they evolve as shy or exuberant individuals, they are often extremely honest, and iron-willed with amazing depth of character. Many Aquarians are also so genial and refined, that they seem to possess an almost ethereal, mystical quality to their natures. They are instinctively humane, and are often found in careers that would benefit others. 

Aquarians are tenacious seekers of the truth, and are open to receiving and accepting it, from even the most unlikely of sources. They approach life and the crossroads within it, with a wide vision and a highly intelligent and logical open mind. Throughout their lives, however, many Aquarians will often find the need to detach themselves from the world or those around them for a time in order to recharge and refocus their personal energy. Meditation and secret retreats are often the best food for the tired Aquarian soul when it's hungry.

Aquarians can at times unknowingly exert an almost hypnotic and irresistible mental pull on those around them, yet ironically, they do not make friends quickly or easily. Aquarians do not make themselves readily accessible which can often be misinterpreted as being cold, distant or condescending. However, once they commit themselves to either love or friendship, they can be unerringly faithful and unselfishly devoted for their entire lives.

They will not easily forgive an offense, if betrayed, disillusioned or deceived, however. The simmering anger or resentment of an scorned Aquarian can turn even the gentlest of them into vicious enemies. Sadly, the worst among this Zodiacal sign will be almost the complete antithesis of the best among them, exhibiting extreme egotism or arrogance, rudeness and untrustworthy behavior.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Starlight Capricorn: December 21 ~ January 20

Capricornians are resourceful, dependent and stable individuals with calm, hardworking natures. Unfortunately, they are often accused of being far too serious or humorless. In truth, however, they are merely methodical traditionalists with an unyielding view of the world and of their place in it. Capricornians are almost universally renowned for their tenacious, intense persevering willpower that will continue to push them forward for as long as necessary (and possible) in order to achieve their personal goals or life ambitions.

Capricornians are the rocks upon which all things can be built. Their actions are almost always driven by an honest and sincere commitment to discipline and unusually high standards. Many Capricornians make excellent, dedicated and ethical employees, who are often drawn to mathematical or financial careers. They have a deep respect for disciplined authority, but ironically, can often be over-demanding (yet still fair-minded) when in positions of authority themselves.

Capricornians are very loyal in all their relationships, but also very cautious. Initially, they will usually test friends and potential lovers long before committing themselves to any relationship for the long-term. More often than not, Capricornians will faithfully marry for life. Unfortunately, even the most disciplined Capricornian can fall prey to this sign's notorious mood swings. They have often too been accused of being excessively conservative, reserved, or even pessimistic. Despite their rational, and often clear-headed natures, depression and inconsolable misery can take a powerful hold on the extreme members of this Zodiacal sign.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Starlight Sagittarius: November 23 ~ December 21

Sagittarians are the quintessential archers of the Zodiac. They never miss their mark when their motives are honest and true. Most Sagittarians have a very positive and optimistic outlook towards life, and their strongly idealistic natures can often suffer countless disappointments without being shattered. They are masters of versatility and adventurousness. Their independent spirits enjoy travel and exploration, and their profound, open-minded intellects are often equipped with a powerful foresight and wit. Sagittarians need to experience and do it all! Life is often good to the Cosmic Archer, because they can keep their eyes on the light... even in the darkest of times.

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule, and negative-minded Sagittarians can be arrogant, moody, and bitter harsh reflections of their better selves. On the whole, however, they are modest, honorable, truthful, and trustworthy individuals with a strong natural sense of morality.

Sagittarians are natural-born teachers and philosophers with a unique talent for effortlessly expounding the moral principles and laws which seem to explain the Universe. Generous humanists, Sagittarians are deeply empathic in their dealings with others, and it isn't surprising, therefore, to find that many turn to the Cosmic Archer for some spiritual guidance or off-the-cuff words of wisdom. 

Masters of mulit-tasking, Sagittarians love beginning new projects, and will often be found with their hands immersed in several steaming pots at the same time. They are always seeking new outlets for the creative energies they can seemingly harness endlessly. The Cosmic Archer will often draw upon their eclectic pool of impressive resources in the quest to fulfill their wide-ranging ambitions.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

YouTube Treasures: Sharon Needles - Dracula

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YouTube Treasures: Tragedy Andy Makeup Tutorial

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YouTube Treasures: The Mad Scientist Makeup Tutorial

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YouTube Treasures: Wood Elf Makeup Tutorial

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YouTube Treasures: Werewolf Makeup Tutorial

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