Sunday, October 4, 2015

YouTube Treasures: Weird Things All Vampire Couples Do

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

YouTube Treasure: Disney's Villainy in the Sky

Let the magical marathon begin! Celebrate Halloween all October long
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Friday, October 2, 2015

YouTube Treasure: Maleficent goes on Omegle

Let the magical marathon begin! Celebrate Halloween all October long
with a new spookirific video post every day! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

YouTube Treasures: Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

Let the magical marathon begin! Celebrate Halloween all October long
with a new spookirific video post every day! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Starlight Libra: September 24 ~ October 23

Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac represented by an inanimate object. Like the Scales of Balance which represent the sign, they are often symbols of justice and impartial judgement. Even in the worst of moments, they are capable of remaining fair tempered and diplomatic. Their egos, however, often leave little room to have their opinions or conclusions questioned or second-guessed. Librans have little tolerance for criticism, cruelty, or unrefined vulgar acquaintances.

Librans are unparalleled peacemakers, because of their deep-rooted desire and determination to resolve any conflict by compromise. More often than not, they are willing to sacrifice a greater portion of their own needs and happiness just to ensure a peaceful resolution is attainable. 

Librans are usually handsome, civilized individuals with elegant and charming natures. They have a nearinsatiable curiosity, however, that can turn many of them into expert gossipers. Their love of beauty, pleasure, and good living could easily lead some of them to careless extravagance. On the whole though, Librans are gentle, highly social souls who are almost empathically sensitive to the needs of others. Librans make attentive friends, spouses and partners, and their artistic, intellectual natures often bares fruit to enthusiastic romanticism. Although they are capable of shocking those around them with sudden unexpected storms of rage, they are rarely unfoundedly jealous. They are instinctively diplomatic and will often forgive offenses quickly, if the apology offered is genuine. One of the greatest challenges most Librans will ever face is learning how to accept the validity of their own personal limits.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Starlight Virgo: August 24 ~ September 23

Virgo is the only Zodiacal sign almost always represented as female. Regardless of their gender, however, almost all Virgoans possess an observant, patient, shrewd and creative nature. Members of this sign can also be highly intellectual, analytical, and methodical. It often said that, "Virgoans are still waters that run deep", because they can expertly hide any insecurity under a disarmingly cheerful wit and reserved disposition. They often internalize or conceal a great deal of intensity and emotion, despite being outwardly viewed as considerably charming and highly social beings. They will rarely give their trust freely or easily to others, and ironically, some do not possess sufficient confidence in themselves or their own faculties.

Virgoans are perfectionists in all they do. Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are their hallowed hallmarks. They excel at vocations that require the use of their hands and a quick, creative mind, especially in the arts and sciences. They are excellent money-managers, and many will find themselves working as accountants or with financial institutions. Their faults, as is usual with all Zodiacal types, lay in the extremes of their virtues. They have an excellent unerring eye for the small details in life, but can be so meticulous in their execution of a given strategy, that they fail to see, or even acknowledge the often larger issues directly in front of them. Extremely worrisome Virgoans may even be guilty of over-dramatically turning molehills of minor difficulties into insurmountable Himalayas of crisis. Balanced moderation is the key to this sign's success.

Virgoans "attention to detail" exists for a reason. More than any other sign, they were born to help and serve others. If they can productively harness and master that trait's energy, their lives could be filled with great joy and personal fulfillment.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Starlight Leo: July 23 August 23

There is no such word as "doubt" in the Leonian's vocabulary. A typical Leo will always think and act bigger than others would ever dare to. At their best, they are courageous, strong willed, and immensely self-confident. They tend to be incredibly idealistic, humane and very noble, bravely coming to the defense of others. At their worst, however, a Leo can be one of the most unpleasant human beings ever imaginable, as they are also capable of displaying excessive pride or arrogance coupled with uncontrollable temper tantrums. Their darker natures can be surprisingly deceptive. They demand faithful, unfaltering service, but are often incapable of giving it themselves in return. Fortunately, however, Leonians are generally and indisputably undeniable forces of good. They possess the potential to become true monarchs among human beings, as much as the lion is the king of beasts.

Leonians have powerful personalities that can easily dominate any given situation or challenge. They can be fearlessly determined and infallible allies, or insurmountable adversaries. They know exactly what it is they want out of life, and what it will most likely take to get it. Since a typical Leo will tend to view goals and obstacles as being unquestionably attainable or conquerable, there are rarely any self-imposed impossibilities. Success eventually comes to this sign out of sheer determined resolution. In their professional lives, Leonians would do best at any vocation at which there is plenty of room at the top. So, make way!

Their outgoing, warm-hearted natures tend to make them sincere and overly-trusting in their personal relationships with others. Unfortunately, most Leonians are initially poor judges of character, and tend to blindly favor their friends over the facts in front of them. This can lead to great disappointment and disillusionment when and if their trust is ever broken.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Starlight Cancer: June 22 ~ July 22

The Cancerian personality can range from timid, shy, and withdrawn to brilliant, purposeful, and even inspiring. Despite the fact that outwardly a typical Cancerian may appear to be somewhat unemotional and uncompromising... the truth is very different. Cancerians are actually very sympathetic and highly sensitive to other people and their situations, especially those they love and cherish.

Cancerians are extremely emotional and sentimental, and are very often easily ruled by their hearts. They love unreservedly, often giving much and asking for (or expecting) little in return. Unfortunately, they can be too readily influenced by those they admire, and overwhelmed by the emotions of a given moment as a result. Their loving and trusting natures can make them more susceptible to outside influences and manipulation than the average individual.

Most Cancerians tend to have a near-flawless retentive memory for emotional events, and too often find themselves reliving the past, or lost in a romantic idyllic fantasy. They must learn to balance this part of themselves, or they risk being governed by it. Disappointment can easily throw them into long periods of lethargy and self-pity. Cancerians need to learn how to love with a open heart, but also keep their sword and shield nearby... just in case things don't go so well.

They are very often drawn to dark and mysterious comfortable "den-like" or "nest-like" homes that offer a secure retreat from the daily stresses of life. Because of their deep home-loving nature, some Cancerians can occasionally be unexpectedly conservative in their thinking, though not rigidly so. They are deeply appreciative of the arts and literature, especially those from eras past, or works that appear to possess a type of timelessness. It is not surprising then that many Cancerians possess considerable literary, artistic, or oratorical talent themselves.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Starlight Gemini: May 22 ~ June 21

As one of the most complex members of the Zodiac family, the Gemini's true nature has often been a source of great debate and even greater frustration. Are they pillars of virtue and enviable versatility, or restless and elusive scoundrels? In truth, they are both and they are neither.

The imaginative and dual-natured Gemini is a talkative, multifaceted soul that consistently needs new interests, projects and pursuits to keep themselves occupied. Though ironically, they often tire quickly of the labor and routine required to see many of their ambitious projects through to the end. They can be very intriguing companions, and engaging conversationalists who readily embrace new challenges and ideas. Geminis are brilliant, but fickle intellectuals— firm decision-making does not come easily for this sign, and is often a source of great conflict for poor Gemini!

Since they are usually light-hearted and flirtatious, Geminis are often accused of being superficial, and somewhat apathetic in regards to the feelings of others. While that may appear so to an outsider, that can actually be a very unfair and erroneous assessment of Gemini's nature. It's rarely personal. Unfortunately, a true Gemini takes very little seriously, including danger which they fearlessly confront with their typical dispassionate, rational logic.

Geminis are natural chameleons. While many are authentically affectionate, courteous, and generous; they will also always remain expert manipulators. The worst among them can devolve into unscrupulous liars, thieves and even adepts in the black arts. Self-interest will almost always be the victor in their life-long moral struggles, and their mastery over language and speech coupled with their love of diplomacy only serves to enhance their cunning evasiveness.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Starlight Taurus: April 21 ~ May 21

Taureans are infamous for being stable, balanced, and peaceloving individuals who value home and hearth above almost anything else. They thrive in predictable environments and reliable patterns or daily routines. More often than not, they will offer rigid resistance to any and all unexpected changes. If it's not broken, then don't fix it... just leave it alone.

Taureans are dependable and very prudent human beings with a great love of art, music, and of all beautiful things. They have a deep, almost instinctual attraction towards the good things in life: pleasure, comfort, luxury, good company, good food and wine. It is not uncommon to discover that many Taureans have a strong aesthetic taste, alongside an equally strong creative or industrious streak. Taureans have an enormous respect for money and property (their own or that of others). So much so, that some they may be erroneously accused of being materialistic or covetous. In truth, they simply honor the honest effort behind the achievement more than the trophy.

Most Taureans can be faithful home-loving spouses and kind, fair-handed parents, who demand too much of neither their spouses or their children. They can be very loyal, and generous friends, who quickly become firm, unshakable forces of emotional support for those they are devoted to. Yet, despite their very affectionate and even-tempered nature, they can... on occasion, explode into violent, ferocious outbursts losing all sense of self-control if pushed beyond their limits' end. Beware the bull's temper! Their inner spiritual sense longs for earthly harmony, strong community, and wholesomeness, and many Taureans may, unsurprisingly, have a strong, sometimes unconventional, religious faith. If they can overcome their occasional self-righteousness, and the temptation towards overindulgence, Taureans can become truly inspirational, pillars of strength.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starlight Aries: March 21 ~ April 20

Any true Aries can take over a room the moment they step foot into it. The Universe will not allow them to be casually ignored, and they know it!

As the first sign in the Zodiacal year, it is often said that an Aries is symbolic of bright, bold, new beginnings, and are frequently dubbed, "natural born leaders". After all, they've been granted many potent qualities that would make them ideal for that role.

Powerful, impulsive, and fearlessly adventurous, they can easily draw many followers to their cause, and often do. They are eternal lovers of personal and social freedom, embracing new ideas and challenges with great fervor and passion. Then, with equal fervor and passion, they willingly step into the front lines defending and advancing those ideals. Only the brave or foolish dare get in their way!

Though some Aries can, at times, seem self-centered and over-concerned with their own personal advancement or physical satisfaction, don't be fooled! At their core, they will always remain fierce humanists who never fail to show intolerance to perceived insults, injuries or injustices. They are direct, frank and candid friends, though ironically some of them can also be quick-tempered and easily offended

The fiery Aries also possess a roaring sex drive, and their need for a satisfying physical relationship can be very overbearing.Their passions and hungers need to be fed often and quite vigorously. Only lovers with a high endurance need apply. Yet despite their often restless and occasionally argumentative natures, a typical Aries can be an extremely devoted friend, lover or parent who would readily lay down their life in name of love.